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Help me change the life of a family

I will be one of the BIG BUILD 2019 volunteers and I need your help. In October, I go to Vaideeni, Vâlcea county, where I will build 10 houses for 10 extremely vulnerable families, who are now living in difficult conditions. Five of the families were left homeless in 2015, when heavy flooding destroyed their homes. Since then, they have to live in containers. Here they cook and sleep, here the children do their lessons and play. In metal boxes where winter is cold and summer is warm. In which the utilities are summarized to the improvised electric current. No water, heat or toilet.

At BIG BUILD 2019, we will change their lives forever. Hundreds of volunteers will build a real home for them.

For that, I need your help. I set out to raise 500 RON, with which Habitat for Humanity will cover some of the costs of building materials for the house I will be working on.

Any donation, no matter how small, means a lot to these families.